Childhood Education

Balibo House Trust works to advance early childhood education through its support of the Balibo Five Kindergarten and construction of three schools in the villages of Belola, Faluwai and Ai Asa.

Balibo Dental Clinic

The Balibo Dental Clinic now has two Timorese dental assistants permanently at the clinic.

Balibo Fort Hotel

For all bookings and enquires for this very special accommodation, cultural and historical experience click the image.


Balibó House Trust

The trust works to honour the memories of the Balibó Five by enriching the lives and livelihoods of the Balibó people Generally, the Trust focusses its efforts on delivering strategic capital works and infrastructure that help to establish the foundations of a resilient local economy in Balibó, focusing on education, training, employment and heritage-based tourism.

What's Happening

Launch of Balibo Veterans’ Museum

The Balibo Veterans’ Museum was launched on Saturday 30 April. The Museum honours the memory o

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Please help us improve dental hygiene and support teachers and young women in Timor-Leste. Since 200

Tribute to Ricardo Krauskopf

Our great friend and supporter Ricardo Krauskopf passed away on 24th September after a long battle w


Balibó House Trust is deeply saddened to advise of the passing of our Life Board Member Shirley Shackleton, who passed away after a long illness. Shirley maintained her indomitable spirit to the last.

Shirley’s husband Greg Shackleton, a leading reporter at HSV7 in Melbourne, was executed along with his journalist colleagues from Channels 7 and 9 in Balibó on 16 October, 1975. A sixth journalist, Roger East, who was seeking information on the after of the Balibó Five, executed in Dili on December 7, 1975.  Balibó House Trust works in their legacy in deep partnership with the community of Balibó. 

Shirley will be remembered by all who knew her as a pivotal voice in support of the people of Timor Leste in their long struggle for Independence. Tributes are flowing in from her long-standing friends and the leaders of Timor Leste who know how hard she worked to raise awareness of the plight of their country and people over 24 years of Indonesian occupation. 

Shirley’s advocacy assisted the Bracks Victorian Government in establishing Balibó House Trust and restoring the Australian Flag House in Balibó in 2003. Along with Melbourne based families of the Balibó Five, Shirley became a Director of Balibó House Trust, and her the immense ongoing contribution over the last two decades has guided all of our subsequent projects and programs.

Her connections with Timor were never so evident as when fellow Board members with her in the country. The reverence she is held in from the village level in Balibó right through to the leadership group of the country is an honour to behold.

Our thoughts and condolences are with Shirley's family at this sad time. 

Vale Shirley and Rest in Peace knowing your life’s journey has been full of service and achievement in the name of fundamental human rights.