Developing capabilities

Balibó Community Learning Centre (known to many as Balibó House or The Australian Flag House) is a centre of excellence for education in Balibó.  The centre hosts a memorial room dedicated to the Balibó Five and the local people killed during the Indonesian occupation of Timor-Leste.

The building was refurbished by Balibó House Trust and gifted to the community in October 2003.  Balibó CLC has been responsive to the needs of the local community; at times they have delivered practical training in textiles, motor mechanics, carpentry and woodworking.

With the guidance of our PALMS volunteer, Michele Rankin, the CLC currently is developing a mechanics workshop and a café.  There is also a gift shop selling craft produced by a local women’s cooperative.

The CLC is led by a local Community Management Committee and focusses on building the skills that will help the people of Balibó participate in the emerging Timorese economy, including tourism, hospitality, agriculture, construction and community development.

The Trust employs four people from the local area to assist in the management of the CLC.